Sunday, May 30, 2010

Kombucha... it is multiplying! Heather's Mango Tart

Hello Friends! 

Hope everyone is doing well. The weather here in Northern California has been gorgeous! 

School is almost wrapping up for Mackenzie and I am trying to plan out the summer. I have planned a trip to Disneyland in the beginning of July... we can't wait! I also want to attend the Health and Harmony festival in Santa Rosa, California and the Raw Food Expo in Santa Rosa. Are any of you planning on attending these? Do you have any summer plans yet?

I had posting about making my own kombucha. I love kombucha but it gets expensive at 3.00 a bottle, so I am glad mine has been coming out good. The batch just keeps getting bigger and bigger. The scoby (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) doubles every time you make a batch. I went from one batch...

 to this...

I have been flavoring some with different fruit juices. Yum!

Onto dessert! I made Heather of Sweetly Raw's Mango Tart. The only things I changed were to use apricots instead of raspberries, added raw oats to the crust (I posted about the raw oats here) and I omitted the cocao butter because I didn't have it. 

The mango mix

The crust

Layer of apricot slices

The finished product. Mine did not set as well due to not adding the cocao butter but it still tasted great... as any of Heather's recipes will. 

The past couple days eats have been mostly smoothie for breakfast or whole grain waffles with coconut butter and fruit. 

I have also been enjoying salad with roasted sweet potatoes, beets, onions, and raw corn all tossed in Kristen Suzzane's Cheesy Hemp Sauce. This sauce is good on everything.... use it as a dip or dressing. Yum!

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend! 

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The BEST Raw Oats, Chocolate Coconut Bars, Dehydrated young thai coconut and Healthier Cinnamon Banana Chips


It feels like it has been forever since I posted. I have finished my classes and have been working more. I will be starting full time next month. It is exciting because all the work I have done going back to school to change careers is coming full circle. I have to say that I LOVE being a nurse, so rewarding! And, of course I keep my Real Estate license current so if the market decides to come back strong I can always go back to that too. 

Anyway.... I wanted to share with you a recent purchase that I am just thrilled about. These YUMMY organic, RAW, fresh flaked oats and oat flour that I ordered online from Sunrise Flour Mill. They are so good, fresh tasting, and RAW. Why buy dead processed oats when you can get fresh flaked raw oats! It is amazing the difference in taste with the fresh oats... you should order some and see what I mean. 

What have I been making with the oats? First I did Averie's overnight oats with a twist. I placed some oats in a bowl, added maple syrup,  soy milk, cinnamon, dash of salt, walnuts and raisins and it soak overnight. It was creamy and sweet in the morning. Yum! It made me remember being a kid I used to mix uncooked oatmeal with water and eat it... I love the taste of oats. 

Breakfast today was a fluffy waffle, left over from Sunday mornings breakfast, topped with coconut butter (my new favorite slather on everything goody) banana and maple syrup. 

I want to share a delicious treat that could not be easier to make. I found this online but can't remember where. Anyhow, take the meat of a few young coconut and dehydrate until chewy. It is SOOOO good! It is hard to not eat it all at once. Chewy, sweet and good for you. 

I really like banana chips, but are they fried? I decided to make my own. I melted some coconut oil and mixed in some cinnamon...

tossed the banana slices and dehydrated.... yum!

I pulled mine out when they were still a little chewy. 

I also made some Chocolate Coconut bars. Similar to my copycat Lydia's Organics Bars but with cocoa powder and cocoa nibs. These are crunchy, sweet and light. 

In food processor, mix 2 bananas and 3 tablespoons of cocoa powder.

Add 2 cups flaked coconut and some cocoa nibs

Optional... add some cinnamon and cayenne pepper for a kick. 

Dehydrate overnight or until crisp. Break into chunks and enjoy!

Question: Do you have several careers under your belt? Have you had a major career change due to the downturn in the economy? 
What do you do differently now than you did before? 

Also, check out the daily raw cafe for a chance to win a Jennifer Cornbleet uncook book or Blackbird Truffles!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Schools almost over! Favorite recipes...

Hello friends! 

I have not posted in a while because I have been so busy studying... yes... finals next week then I am done with my classes... yay! I can't wait to get back to devoting more time to creating yummy raw recipes, product reviews, and training for another half marathon. 
I will be signing up for the half marathon in Santa Rosa in August. 

I am curious... what are your favorite raw recipes? Are there any recipes that you love that you would like to be made raw? I know that I LOVE bread and have had fun creating different raw breads, like my cinnamon raisin bread, and this nut free raw bread recipe.

slathered with avo, yum!

I also love my spiced buckwheat crispy granola... have you made it yet?

perfect with fruit on top and nut milk!

I am on a mission to create some fabulous new raw dessert recipes. Anything you would like to see? Pie, cake, cookies???

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Started Clean Program


I hope everyone is having a great week so far. Mine is just flying by. I realized today that I have only 20 days left of school! So excited, but not for the finals...yuck!

Some of you may remember that I had bought the book "Clean" by Dr. Alejandro Junger and that I went on to buy the clean kit. I was planning to start the 21 day total detox after my half marathon. Well, I started yesterday. The basis of the program is to have two shakes a day, one for breakfast and one for dinner and eat one meal at lunchtime. There is a simple list of foods to include and exclude and pretty much has you eating a very clean diet. The kit includes the supplements that Dr. Junger recommends. 

Yesterday I made a shake with the Tropical flavored powder and added a mango. It was pretty good. For lunch I had a salad and later snacked on some raw almonds. The dinner shake was the chocolate orange flavor and I added cherries. 

I have to say that I do have a bit of a headache today, I'm sure it is from not having coffee in the morning, which I have replaced with green tea. Lunch today was some quinoa with cauliflower, asparagus, beets and some Raw Coconut Curry Soup, which is a Cafe Gratitude recipe that I love and have made several times. 

Through this cleanse I am hoping to feel lighter, have more energy, clearer skin and to reduce my cravings for starch and sugar. I will keep you posted on my progress. If you have not read "Clean" I recommend it, it is a great book. You can do the program without buying the kit as well. 

One quick thing before I go... after I received the kit in the mail one if the "wellness coaches" from Dr. Junger's company called me to see if I had any questions about the program or needed any support. Pretty amazing... when was the last time you got service like that...never!

Hope you have a great day! :)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Half Marathon, wrapping up the weekend.


It is Sunday morning and I have had a great weekend. I hope you have too! I ran my first half marathon yesterday... yay! I want to do another one now just to try and beat my time. It was fun. 

My mom, Mackenzie and I headed to Sacramento the night before the race and stayed the night there. We got up super early, had breakfast and were off to the race. The crowd was huge and it really gets your adrenaline pumping. Mackenzie and I before the race...

Here  I am getting ready to run...

That is me with the the black top and the pony tail. 

I was really tired coming in but I was trying to smile although I look like I am in pain...

Luckily I had Mackenzie and my mom there to cheer me on! 

Mackenzie & I after the race...

She is happy to be wearing the free shirt and hat I got. After that I let her wear the metal too and she was happy about that. 

I let my mom drive home because my feet were killing me! All in all, it was fun. I am going to buy myself a garmin though, so I can better track my time and mileage. There is a half marathon in Santa Rosa I want to do in October. Until that gets closer I am just going to enjoy my running and not force myself to stick to a schedule. 

That's all for today, I haven't been home to create any new recipes and don't have any exciting eats to share... so, enjoy the rest of your weekend!