Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy Monday, Raw Cinnamon Raisin Bread

Hello Friends, 

I hope everyone had a great weekend and are having a great start to the new week. 

My weekend was productive I guess. I ran my first "race" on Saturday, just a 5K, but it was fun. Since I have been training for my half marathon, which is this Saturday, I have been more focused on distance than speed, so running fast in the 5K was different for me. It was a small race (65 people or so) and the divisions were 19 and under, 20 to 59, and 60 and over. Well, I didn't win, but I had fun and want to work on my speed more when I am done with the half marathon. 

On Sunday I did a 10 mile run with my running group and later took a hike with my sister. I came home and cleaned (a little) watered the newly planted veggies, did crafts with Mackenzie, and just hung out. The weather was beautiful! Unfortunately, it is cloudy again today. 

As I usually do on the weekends I broke out the dehydrator to make some goodies. I made Averie's (Love Veggies and Yoga) Blondie  macaroons... YUMMY! and simple to make, as most of Averie's recipes are... which I love! 

I also made some raw cinnamon raisin bread which turned out really good. Here is my just winging it recipe... 

Raw Cinnamon Raisin Bread

1 cup buckwheat groats (soaked overnight)
1 apple (diced)
2 tablespoons cinnamon
dash of salt
1/4 plus 1/4 cup raisins
1/4 cup ground flax meal
1/8 cup flax seeds
1 teaspoon vanilla
1/4 cup agave (or to taste)

Blend everything except 1/4 cup raisins in a food processor until smooth. Stir in remaining raisins. Spread onto non-stick dehydrator sheet. Score into pieces with a knife. Dehydrate at 105 until it reached the desired dryness for you. I like mine a little soft. 


Friday, April 23, 2010

Fajitas, Spicy Salsa & Spanish "rice"

Hello all! 

So glad it is Friday and the sun is shining! What are your plans for the weekend? I am going to do a 5K race on Saturday morning, a long run on Sunday and hopefully get some veggies planted. I also ordered Food, Inc. from my netflix and am looking forward to watching it. 

The other day I was checking out Heather's blog (Sweetly Raw) and she had a yummy recipe for fajitas. They looked so good, I got them started that day. I used sliced baby bella mushrooms, an orange bell pepper and a sweet yellow onion. I soaked them in Heather's marinade over night and the veggies softened just enough that I did not need to dehydrate them. They are so good. 

Alongside, I made some Spanish "rice" as I had cauliflower to use and it seemed perfect for the fajita meal. 

Spanish "Rice"

1 head cauliflower 
1 bell pepper (I used orange)
handful cilantro
Onion (I used a leek)

Process cauliflower in food processor to make "rice"

process bell pepper and onion

add chopped bell pepper and cilantro to cauliflower mix

Mix above ingredients together and set aside. 


1 avocado
chili powder juice of 1 lemon or lime
1/2 jalapeno pepper
1 teaspoon garlic
squirt agave

Mash together in bowl. Add to cauliflower mix and lightly toss together. Enjoy! 

I ate some as a snack in endive leaves. Yum. 

I made a quick salsa to go along with the meal. 

Spicy Salsa

2 tomatoes
handful cilantro 
1/2 jalapeno pepper

Blend together and enjoy. 

Hope everyone had a great weekend! :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day! Raw chocolate. Manna Bread link :)

Well we are more than half way through the week. Where does the time go? The weather is still cold and windy here in Northern California, it has been a month since Spring began and we have only had a few nice days. I am ready for some nice weather already!

I went for a 9 mile run and packed a little bag of dried fruit to eat along the way if I was feeling tired. Thanks to those who have given me running advice. It was sooooo windy I felt as if someone was pushing me backwards while I was running. 

When I got home I made a smoothie with banana, cantaloupe, a mandarin orange, almond milk, twister powder, ice, huge handful of swiss chard and a few drops of stevia. Yum. It kept me full until lunch when I had a almond butter and honey sandwich on sprouted bread, carrots, and a piece of raw chocolate that I had made last weekend when trying my hand at moonie pies. For the chocolate I used...

coconut butter (melted)
coconut oil (melted)
carob powder 
cocoa powder
agave (to taste)

Sorry I didn't measure anything, just eyeballed it. 

I LOVE carob powder and the coconut butter makes these super yummy!

I LOVE nut butter and honey sandwiches but it did not agree with my tummy. The gluten? I might need to try making lettuce wraps with the nut butter and honey instead. Or... I need to find a raw bread recipe that is not flavored with herbs or onion, you know, a neutral flavor... do you have one you can share with me?

Did you catch my Manna Bread recipe? I have been eating it and it is soooo simple but so good, I love the raisins and nuts and the breads dense texture. You should try it!

Since it is Earth Day I decided to buy myself one of these eco friendly reusable water bottles with filters from Bobble. Today only, for each bottle you buy, get one free. I ordered a few. 

Tomorrow I have a raw spanish "rice" recipe for you that I made for my Spanish meal. 

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My try at the moon pie, Herb Marinated Veggies, The BEST raw bread ever!


Hope everyone is having a great week so far. The weather here has been drab and I am hoping for some sunshine soon. Yesterday I pulled out the dehydrator after finding a yummy looking raw bread recipe I wanted to try. I love bread and I have not had too much luck in finding a raw bread recipe that I really like.... until now! The recipe comes from the very talented Russell James and is on his blog here. I followed it exactly but cut it in half. Here it is...

Russell James's Nut Free Bread

Nut-free bread
Makes 18 ’slices’
1/2c olive oil
1 ½c sun dried tomatoes
3c sprouted buckwheat (2 ½c dry & unsprouted)
1 ½c flax meal
3 ½c peeled courgette, roughly chopped
2c apple, cored and roughly chopped
3T lemon juice
2 avocados
1 large onion
½c minced parsley
- Process the olive oil, sun dried toms, sprouted buckwheat, courgette, apple, lemon juice, avocados, onion and herbs until thoroughly mixed.
- Transfer to a large bowl and mix with the flax meal by hand. The reason you do this separately (not in the processor) is that you are likely to have too much mixture for the size if the processor at this point, and when you add the flax meal it will become quite heavy and sticky and overwork your machine.
- When mixed, process the whole batter in the machine again, but in small batches to achieve a light fluffy texture.
- Divide the mixture in half and place on Paraflexx sheets on dehydrator trays.
- Use a spatula to spread the mixture evenly to all 4 sides and corners of the Paraflexx sheet. If mixture is too sticky you can wet the spatula to make things easier. With a knife score the whole thing into 9 squares.
- Dehydrate for 2 hours and then remove the Paraflexx sheets by placing another dehydrator tray and mesh on top and invert so that your original sheet of bread is upside down. That will allow you to peel the Paralexx sheet off and continue to dehydrate the underside of the bread.
- Dehydrate for approx 8 hours more (do this overnight so you’re not tempted to eat it before it’s ready) or until bread feels light in your hand. If the pieces don’t fully come apart where you scored, use a knife to cut them.

Here is a piece of the batch I made slathered with avocado. 
I topped it with tomato and basil and ate it for lunch with a simple salad of shredded carrots, spiralized golden beet and some herb marinaded veggies I made. 

I topped the salad with Natalia Rose's Liquid Gold Elixir dressing. I also used the same dressing to marinate the veggies. 

I mixed mushrooms, cherry tomatoes,  cilantro, and some dressing..

tossed them on a dehydrator sheet

and two hours later, here they are...


After drooling over all the beautiful entries in Heather's Moonie pie contest, I had to order the book myself. I got busy making moon pies and I have to say, they are delicious! Mine are not as pretty as most I have seen on Heather's blog, but they are really tasty! 

In my defense, I was impatient and did not let the layers set up as long as directed to. I had fun trying and will have fun trying more flavors! BTW... Heather, you truly are a dessert Goddess! To buy Heather's Moonie Pie e-book, click here. Also, check out her Just Desserts e-book, which I reviewed in this post.

Enjoy your week!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Days 8 and 9 of initiative. Cantaloupe and Blood Orange Sake Martini, Quinoa Krispies

Hello! Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. I am excited to say that I was 3 pounds lighter when I weighed in yesterday... yay! Possibly some water weight, but none the less, it feels good. One week down, 10 more to go! Do you need some motivation to get healthier or drop a few pounds? Visit Raw Food Rehab!

Yesterday I ran 3 miles and did an hour of weight lifting at the gym. Then Mackenzie and I took a trip to Ross, Trader Joe's and Whole Foods... I could spend so much money in there, I have to be careful. 

My eats for Saturday...

Sprouted grain toast with coconut puree (blended coconut meat and water)

1/2 banana

1 raw energy bar

Salad with guacamole, veggies and mango vinaigrette at High Tech Burrito while on our shopping trip. 

Frozen yogurt on the trip home, Mackenzie insists on stopping for this... it is like a tradition/ treat for the 50 minute windy ride home. I topped mine with carob chips and almonds. 

After getting home I decided to try a new recipe from the cocktail section of Living Raw Food by Sarma  Melngailis.  The book has recipes for some really yummy looking martini's. I drink alcohol very rarely but wanted to try one. I picked up some sake at Whole Foods and made a spin off of one in the book. 

Cantaloupe and Blood Orange Sake Martini

1/2 cantaloupe 
2 small blood oranges
juice of 1 lemon
squirt of agave

I blended everything except the sake until smooth. I added some sake, to taste, and shook with ice until very cold. Poured into a pretty glass and enjoyed. I had leftover juice... this is enough for a few drinks. It was very good! I want to try other combos of fruit now. 

Dinner was a mix of leftovers... the Curry Cilantro Corn Soup I made the other day, 

some corn  and cherry tomato salad with shredded carrots tossed in and some tofu. 

Finished the night with some popcorn dusted with carob powder. 

I got up this morning and went running but only ended up doing 12 miles, not 15... I just didn't have it in me. Maybe I need to try eating something else before my run.. suggestions? Please!!! The protein powder, banana, nut butter smoothie just didn't cut it today. Maybe oatmeal or something. 

I came home from my run and was starving so I grabbed the quickest thing I could find, some greek yogurt (I have not been eating much dairy at all lately) with coconut cream and some of the quinoa krispies I made. 

I never thought dairy bothered me, but boy did it today... talk about stomach cramps. Did I used to feel this way and just didn't know it, or am I more sensitive now? Who knows? What I do know... no more dairy! I also had a green juice.

I also had some of these tasty things I picked up TJ's... yummy!

I wish I had bought more because between Mackenzie and I we finished the bag!

So, I had mentioned that I needed to get some veggie plants planted after starting some seeds...

Notice some are missing?

Bad doggie! Good thing he is cute!

Haha... notice the one ear back, I know I did something bad look?

Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend. Check back next week for some raw goodies give away!

Friday, April 16, 2010

11 week initiative, day 7. Raw Curry Cilantro Corn Soup & More raw cupcakes!

Happy Friday!

I am so glad the weekend is here and the sun is shining! What are your plans for the weekend? I ordered some raised veggie beds  that I have been waiting to set up so I can plant some veggies. I want to plant tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, beets, potatoes, lettuce, kale, herbs and anything else I can get to grow. 

I think I will take Mackenzie to see the new movie How To Train Your Dragon, and make a much needed trip to Trader Joe's and Whole Foods. Where do you do most of your shopping? I live in such a remote area that I have to drive about 50 minutes to get to TJ's or WF's. Other things I am aspiring to do... clean my car, long run on Sunday, yoga on Saturday and some cleaning of the house.... save the best for last right? Wrong! :)

Yesterday I made some soup with a few ears of corn I had in the fridge. Here it goes...

Raw Curry Cilantro Corn Soup

3 or 4 ears corn (kernels shaved)
1/4 cup cashews
1 cup water
1 teaspoon garlic
1 green onion
1 tablespoon curry powder
1 teaspoon tumeric
dash of salt 
handful of cilantro
1/4 jalapeno pepper

Shave kernels from corn cobs.

Reserve about 1/4 cup of the corn kernels for garnish. Blend the rest of the ingredients in a high speed blender or food processor. 

Transfer to a bowl and add the remaining kernels. Optional garnishes are avocado, cilantro or a  drizzle of honey. Enjoy!

After breakfast I decided to make some more raw cupcakes from Shannon's Cupcake E-Book. I made 4 of the Bunny Spice Cupcakes with Nut Butter frosting from the book. So good! These are perfect for me as I love pie spice and nut butter. Perfect! Here they are....
Naked Cupcake...

 Frosted Cupcakes...

One with coconut and golden raisins..
One with walnuts...

and one with pecans...

All yummy! Don't you want to eat one Ellen???

Have you joined Shannon in her quest to get Ellen to eat a raw cupcake? Jump on board, it is so much fun!

Before I get to my eats for the day,I have to update yesterdays... around 10:00 last night I was starving so I made Danielle's microwave banana cake... yum!

For today... after my five mile run I made a huge green juice with romaine, celery, ginger, an apple, and a grapefruit. 

The finished product...

For breakfast I had some mixed fruit (banana, blood orange, strawberries)  topped with cinnamon. 

Lunch was some of the corn soup from above, some tofu and a salad with corn and cherry tomatoes. 

Later I had a raw cupcake and some popcorn at the movie theater that I brought along with me. 

Dinner was kelp noodles with veggies and tofu... I have been on a tofu kick lately. 

Dessert was banana soft serve with a few pecans on top... yummy!

Also, tomorrow is the big weigh in for the 11 week initiative... be sure to come back and check my progress!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

11 week initiative, day 6, another great smoothie

Hello friends,

I am so excited the weekend is almost here. This morning I went to yoga class then came home and made a green smoothie (I seem to be on a green smoothie kick lately) made of...

1 scoop protein powder
1 banana
1 mandarin orange 
1/2 cup carrot juice 
1/2 cup water 
huge pile of spinach

Blend until smooth and enjoy. I drank this around 11:00 and wasn't hungry for lunch until around 2:30. Before lunch I did one of my new work out videos, have you heard of Tracey Anderson? Her workouts are designed to make the body long and lean, not bulky... which is what I have been wanting to switch my workouts to. Simple moves, but boy were my arms and legs burning!

For lunch I had the same as I had for dinner last night. Marinated kelp noodles with almond butter dressing and veggies, but today I added some tofu. I also had a Ginger Snap Lara Bar, which is my favorite flavor so far.

For dinner I steamed a sweet potato and 2 beets, simple, but two of my favorite veggies so it hit the spot. Then I enjoyed a small dark chocolate bar. LOVE dark chocolate!!! Today  I also made a creamy corn curry & cilantro soup, which I will post tomorrow.

I am looking forward to a nice run in the morning and having some time off. No school, no work... what will I do with myself?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

11 week initiative, day 5. Kelp noodle recipe, smoothie recipe, Almond Butter Dressing & cupcake e-book,

 Hello all!

It has been a good but cold Wednesday here. I am ready for some real sunshine. I started the day with a 5 mile run and some lower body weight lifting at the gym. I came home and made a green (it came out brown) smoothie with...

Fruity Cinnamon Smoothie

1 pear
1 banana
1 mandarin orange
carrot juice
2 huge handfuls of beet greens

It hit the spot and kept me full until lunch. For lunch I packed a green salad with lots of veggies an d hemp seeds.

 and a raw bar... have you heard of this one? It is really good, crunchy but chewy at the same time, and only 150 calories, which is low for a raw bar.

For dinner I marinated some kelp noodles in a mix of nama shoya, garlic, ginger juice, and chinese 5 spice powder.

I topped the noodles with bean sprouts, and lots of other raw veggies and topped with an almond butter dressing, original recipe adapted from Averie at Love Veggies and Yoga.I use...

Almond Butter Dressing

2 tablespoons almond butter
1 tablespoon ginger juice (or grated ginger)
1 teaspoon garlic
2 tablespoons sesame oil
1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar
juice from one large orange

For dessert I am going to have my first raw cupcake! (losing my raw cupcake virginity!)

I'm sure many of you are aware of Shannon over at Rawdorable and the cupcake e-book she has created. After seeing so many of her yummy looking creations I knew I had to buy it. Today I got the time to create one the recipes. I chose to do the "lighter" recipe since I am doing the 11 week initiative over at Raw Food Rehab. The recipe was super simple to follow and came out perfect! The things I love about this e-book are...

Lots of recipes... I love variety.

Savory recipes too

A "lighter" version

Many frosting choices

The recipes are for 1 or 2 serving, which I LOVE because I don't usually like to make big batches of things... back to that liking variety thing (and I know that it is highly possible I will eat them all!)

The book is fun to read and look at, full of pictures and brightly colored.

If you like raw sweets (who doesn't?) that are easy to make, so should go to Rawdorable and pick up Shannon's e-book now. Also, I think Ellen would LOVE any of the cupcakes in your book Shannon!

The verdict... the cupcake is DELICIOUS! I split it with Mackenzie and she loved it too and asked for more before she was even done. Great job Shannon! Thanks!

The naked cupcake...

The frosted cupcake....

Not the best picture... sorry!

For other raw recipe books I love click here. Lori is doing a GREEN WEEK CHALLENGE for Earth day. Check it out here.  Averie has a chocolate give-away, click here.

I have a few give-aways and contests coming up... so become a follower of my blog with google friend connect so you don't miss out! Think raw treats!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

11 week initiative, day 4.

This is going to be a short post because I am super tired. I went to Bikram yoga class this morning then came home had some breakfast and went for a 3 mile run and did a little lower body weights at the gym. I have got to step up my running again, my half marathon is May 1st! I can't wait!

Today I ate...

Green Smoothie with banana, strawberries, kale, romaine, chia seeds and a blood orange. 

Lunch was a green salad with bell pepper, tomato, carrots, some of the butternut squash rice recipe

I made a few days ago and some tofu. About an hour or so later I had a Lara bar. Apparently not all Lara bars are raw...Luckily Robyn over at Girl on Raw had a recent post about which ones are raw. Thanks for that Robyn!

For dinner I packed up some raw cauliflower, asparagus, carrots and a steamed sweet potato and ate it on break while I was at class. 

When I got home from class I had banana soft serve with vanilla, cinnamon and cocoa nibs. Yummy!

I hope everyone is having a great week. :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

11 week initiative, day 3. Raw Marinara Sauce, A cute kid and dog!

Today I dropped Mackenzie off at school and headed to the gym for a much needed workout. I did a couple miles on the treadmill and did a spin class, which I have not done in a while. I like the fast tempo of it.This morning after the gym I had a green juice and packed a bowl of mixed fruit,a Lara bar and a Kombucha for lunch. When I got home I did some crafts with Mackenzie. We made play food for her American Girl doll. If any of you have girls, then I am sure you are well aware of American Girl dolls. She loves her "Bitty Baby" and her doll and has fun being "mommy" to them.

For dinner I a had a spiralized zucchini with raw marinara sauce that I made yesterday, mushrooms, tofu, and a sweet potato. A while later I had some popcorn sprinkled with cinnamon and stevia. Here is my recipe for raw marinara sauce. 

Raw Marinara Sauce

8 or 9 sundried tomatoes, soaked until soft
8 or 9 cherry tomatoes
handful of fresh basil
1/4 red bell pepper
1/2 carrot
dash of salt
1 teaspoon minced garlic

Blend it together and enjoy! 

Yesterday I had a dollop on the raw Rosemary Basil Crackers I made. 

Perfectly easy, healthy and delicious! 

Just for fun... a picture of Mackenzie and Blaze.