Sunday, April 18, 2010

Days 8 and 9 of initiative. Cantaloupe and Blood Orange Sake Martini, Quinoa Krispies

Hello! Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. I am excited to say that I was 3 pounds lighter when I weighed in yesterday... yay! Possibly some water weight, but none the less, it feels good. One week down, 10 more to go! Do you need some motivation to get healthier or drop a few pounds? Visit Raw Food Rehab!

Yesterday I ran 3 miles and did an hour of weight lifting at the gym. Then Mackenzie and I took a trip to Ross, Trader Joe's and Whole Foods... I could spend so much money in there, I have to be careful. 

My eats for Saturday...

Sprouted grain toast with coconut puree (blended coconut meat and water)

1/2 banana

1 raw energy bar

Salad with guacamole, veggies and mango vinaigrette at High Tech Burrito while on our shopping trip. 

Frozen yogurt on the trip home, Mackenzie insists on stopping for this... it is like a tradition/ treat for the 50 minute windy ride home. I topped mine with carob chips and almonds. 

After getting home I decided to try a new recipe from the cocktail section of Living Raw Food by Sarma  Melngailis.  The book has recipes for some really yummy looking martini's. I drink alcohol very rarely but wanted to try one. I picked up some sake at Whole Foods and made a spin off of one in the book. 

Cantaloupe and Blood Orange Sake Martini

1/2 cantaloupe 
2 small blood oranges
juice of 1 lemon
squirt of agave

I blended everything except the sake until smooth. I added some sake, to taste, and shook with ice until very cold. Poured into a pretty glass and enjoyed. I had leftover juice... this is enough for a few drinks. It was very good! I want to try other combos of fruit now. 

Dinner was a mix of leftovers... the Curry Cilantro Corn Soup I made the other day, 

some corn  and cherry tomato salad with shredded carrots tossed in and some tofu. 

Finished the night with some popcorn dusted with carob powder. 

I got up this morning and went running but only ended up doing 12 miles, not 15... I just didn't have it in me. Maybe I need to try eating something else before my run.. suggestions? Please!!! The protein powder, banana, nut butter smoothie just didn't cut it today. Maybe oatmeal or something. 

I came home from my run and was starving so I grabbed the quickest thing I could find, some greek yogurt (I have not been eating much dairy at all lately) with coconut cream and some of the quinoa krispies I made. 

I never thought dairy bothered me, but boy did it today... talk about stomach cramps. Did I used to feel this way and just didn't know it, or am I more sensitive now? Who knows? What I do know... no more dairy! I also had a green juice.

I also had some of these tasty things I picked up TJ's... yummy!

I wish I had bought more because between Mackenzie and I we finished the bag!

So, I had mentioned that I needed to get some veggie plants planted after starting some seeds...

Notice some are missing?

Bad doggie! Good thing he is cute!

Haha... notice the one ear back, I know I did something bad look?

Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend. Check back next week for some raw goodies give away!


  1. The pineapple chips..have never bought those before but have been tempted to.

    Dairy. Yikes. AFter a hiatus just shocking your body like that, you prob are more sensitive and i can feel the belly ache just looking at the milk. But the quinoa crispies look amazing!

    As does the soup. and Sarma's cocktails, I havent made anything from that section...yet. :)

  2. Yep, big mistake with the yogurt... won't be doing that again!

  3. Awwwwwww!!! Your dog is adorable!!! I have to be careful about spending at Whole Foods... Esp. when I'm buying bulk items, it quickly gets out of hand! I love the quinoa crispies, they look so good!

  4. oh my goodness that is too adorable...i love the little "i did something wrong look"...jackson actually has one of his own...his ears are literally glued to his head and he wags his tail uncontrollably (mind you is always wagging his tail)...

    love the quinoa crispies...i might borrow the recipe!

    thanks for your comment...i'm hoping my kraut turns out...if it does...i may just have to live off of it...i love it THAT much!

    hope you had a great weekend!!!

  5. Congrats on losing the 3 pounds. I thought you looked great anyway.

    That doggie is so cute. I could never be mad at that face.

  6. Thanks Shannon! Weighed myself today and back up 3... LOL! I made your cupcakes and heathy's moon pies all day yesterday... way too much sampling! :)

  7. Late reading this post but when I trained for my marathon, I followed Brendan Brazier's Thrive book page by page. I read and reread it a million times. It really helped with nutrition. But I really like mixing up protein powder, dates, banana, nut butter, and green powder... or some variation of that.
    You may need more sugars to help pump up your runs... dates work great!
    Hope this helps!