Thursday, April 8, 2010

Raw Food Rehab and the 11 week initiative

If you have never visited Raw Food Rehab you should check it out. It is a fantastic blog for raw foodies or those who are curious about raw food can share their experiences, share recipes and lots more. On April 10th, it is the beginning of the 11 week Raw food initiative.I have signed up, knowing that bikini season is quickly approaching and want to look super hot in my new Victoria's Secret bikini's I ordered. So, I will be setting goals for myself each week and posting my progress and meals. For week one my  goals are going to be...

1) 1 green juice per day
2) 1 meal to be a green salad or green smoothie
3) Snacks in between meals will be raw fruits or veggies


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  1. I have been to that site before but forgot about it..thx for the reminder :)
    Have a great weekend, Sarah!