Sunday, June 6, 2010

Kaia Foods Giveaway Winner & Best Soup Ever!


Hope everyone has been enjoying their weekends. I have been working but today is my Friday... yay! The weather has been beautiful and it finally feels like Spring, now that it is almost over. 

The other day I watched this video clip of Natalia Rose sharing an easy soup recipe. I love sweet potatoes and had leftover  carrot cake carrot juice (recipe below) so I made it. It is my favorite soup recipe to date. 

2 to 3 cups carrot juice
1 large sweet potato diced
4 or 5 dates
1/2 avocado
1 tablespoon (or more) pumpkin pie spice. 

Blend until creamy and smooth and enjoy. It is so good... tastes like pumpkin pie and reminds me of the sweet potato cassarole that I love to make. 

I used some leftover Carrot Cake Carrot Juice that I had made. I used...

1 two pound bag of carrots
4 apples
small chunk of ginger
sprinkles of cinnamon and nutmeg (sprinkle them right into the juicer)

At work, some of the girls have been asking me about raw foods. I usually get... "what do you eat, just salad?" So, I think I will prepare some raw foods and bring them in. I always like to surprise people with what you CAN eat raw, not what you can't eat. 

Maybe I can bring in Raw Apple Crumble....

What about a raw cupcake?

What foods do you like to prepare for non-raw friends to wow them?

Onto the winner of the Kaia Food giveaway...

The winner is comment # 8,Lauren..

Lauren said...

I added you to my blogroll:

Lauren, please email me at with your mailing address... congratulations!