Monday, March 29, 2010

Day 3 raw challenge and colon cleanse kit, Miso Dressing recipe


It is the third day of my raw challenge and I am feeling great. I started the day off with 90 minutes of sweaty hot bikram yoga, which was perfect after my long run yesterday.

I am going to be starting a colon cleanse that I had purchased a few weeks ago. I bought it from Blessed Herbs and am excited to see what happens after reading the testimonials and seeing pictures of some people's results. Here is the kit I bought....

The best cleansing option requires a 5 day liquids only fast, which with my timing will be perfect because I am doing the juice club with Terces starting on the first of April.... see the link on the right side of my blog for more information on the juice club. So, tonight I will start the pre-cleanse (gradually decreasing your food intake and starting the supplements)  for the next 3 days then finish with the 5 day liquid fast. I will keep you posted on my results. Wish me luck!

It comes with a digestive stimulator....

and toxin absorber...

which is to be mixed with organic apple juice. I will make my own when I am home but if I need to I bought this...

Today I have eaten...

2 chocolate chip cookies (I had to test them after dehydrating all night to make sure they were perfect!) from yesterday's post. 

When I got home from yoga I had a Green Juice made with celery, romaine, 2 small oranges, 1 apple & beet greens. 

1/2 Banana

Lunch was a salad of spiralized zucchini, beet and carrot topped with tofu and Miso Tahini  Dressing made of...

1 tablespoon miso paste
1 tablespoon tahini
1 chopped green onion
1 tablespoon apple cider vinager

I felt like something sweet so although not raw, I had some popcorn topped with carob powder, stevia, cinnamon and a little salt. I have been loving popcorn since topping it with new things after reading how Averie makes hers. It is a nice light snack and keeps me from overdoing it on chocolate and nuts. 

I went over to my sister's and while there I  had a banana. I am hungry again and wondering what I want for dinner. I am supposed to be decreasing my food intake for my cleanse but I feel so hungry and I think it is because I haven't been drinking my Kombucha. I LOVE kombucha and have my own batch fermenting right now, but it has a couple weeks to go. I need to pick up a case tomorrow to get me through. It really decreases my appetite. 

Here is my starter batch of kombucha...

I used the baby that grew off the original SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) and started two more jars fermenting. Two more weeks and they will be done.

For dinner I had some leftover sweet potato cassarole, and made a couple lettuce wraps with almond butter and some cinnamon honey. Then I munched on a couple of the Lydia's Organics Copycat bars I made. Before bed I will take the toxin absorber from my colon cleanse kit. I'm off to a job interview in the morning... wish me luck! Hope everyone is feeling fabulous and loving life!


  1. glad you got your p'corn groove going!
    and the comment u left me re compassion and couldnt do it any other way..totally agree. And 17 yrs, wow that's amazing. I have been veggie most of my entire life. but there has been some fish or chicken over the years in very small amts, i.e. pregnant. And raising compassionate caring kids is so important too :) as you know.

  2. Hi Sarah, thanks for the support and one good turn deserves another.

    I've been thinking about doing a juice feast for the past few days, so I'm gonna look up the juice club you mentioned.

    Good luck with the colon cleanse.

  3. Hi! I'm glad you emailed me! I appreciate it! I really want to do the juice feast on Thursday but I also don't want not nourish my body during my hard workouts... I guess that's where the green smoothies come in. :)

    Oh and to answer your question about the raw nut desserts.. I've been using a lot of sprouted buckwheat, quinoa, and amaranth in replace of the nuts. So far it's works out great (and definitely better than the chickpeas. haha)