Sunday, March 7, 2010

Update on juice feast/ smoothie recipe and Kombucha started!

It is a lovely Sunday here in Northern California, beautiful day, sun shining, family and friends close... what could be better? I am continuing to do my juice/smoothie fast or "feast" and it is going great. I made a green lemonade and just drank a gingerade kombucha. While I was drinking my kombucha I started my own batch of kombucha... I am so excited to see how it comes out. Here is a picture of the one I drank and my first batch!

Ready to ferment out of any sunlight...

For lunch I enjoyed this smoothie...

Creamy Orange Figgy Delight

1 banana

1 Orange

1 tablespoon Lucuma powder

3 dried black mission figs

2 handfuls of sprouts

1 cup almond milk


Pop in Vita Mix and let her whirl!

Ready to enjoy along with my favorite Glass Dharma straw!


Affirmation of the day...

I deserve to have positive experiences.

I am worthy.

If feelings of unworthiness come up,

I go deeper and realize them

as illusions.


  1. love the sprouts you used in your drink. and your last post the raw cookies...nice!

  2. Hi Susan -- I saw your post about your blog via Raw Food Rehab. Funny, I'm in NorCal and use the exact same jars for my Kombucha too. :)